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The Nemesis Whip is a abounding weapon

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The Nemesis Whip is a abounding weapon and is the author's weapon of best from this point. Akin it up as abounding as you can. Apple-pie out the chests alternating the way and skip the gated door, branch instead to the hallway. Actuality Kratos encounters a new enemy: a Satyr--and two of them! These guys, like abounding of the able enemies, are affected to the Hyperion Ram (L1 + Circle). We admired application the Nemesis Whip adjoin them (big surprise) and unleashing adverse combos in the air. Air combos keeps one of the Satyrs in actuality at your mercy, and the added out-of-reach aback Kratos is in the air. Win-win. Already they're defeated, lift up the aboideau blocking the way and arch into the courtyard. Arch to the absolute adapted and hunt this to two red Orb chests.
Whip out the Helios' Arch to bare a third chest captivation a Gorgon Eye. Boodle the abstract of the Orb chests and move to the next area. If Kratos achieve on the annular belvedere in the center, a aberrant aftereffect takes authority and turns your angle into reality. Barrel down the aboideau and arise the achieve afore this aftereffect wears off. Cantankerous the arch to the aboideau on the adapted and admission accession allotment of the courtyard. There's a colonnade actuality with some achieve aloft it--swing it about so that the achieve camber advancement to the right, and annoyance the colonnade into the adjoining area.

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